6 Essential Oils to Use with Your Lava Stone Beads

Lava stone is renowned for its ability to strengthen one’s connection to Mother Earth. It is linked to the elements of fire and earth, which work together to enhance creativity, cleanse negativity, dissipate anger, and provide guidance. Enhance the many benefits of lava stone beads by pairing them with any of these six strategic essential oils.

Lava stone: a spiritual powerhouse

There are many important spiritual properties associated with lava stone. It’s an igneous volcanic rock, which means it was formed from molten lava deep in the earth. Because of its role as a grounding stone that strengthens your connection to Mother Earth, it can promote strength and courage, enrich fertility, and encourage a sense of calm.


To effectively pair with essential oils, choose oils known for their connection to the elements of fire or earth, or select oils known for their courage-promoting, creativity-enhancing, and spiritually-grounding properties.

  1. Cypress

In addition to being practical, cypress essential oil is antimicrobial and useful for treating cuts. This oil has an earthy, woodsy scent that hints at some of its spiritual properties. It can help process strong emotions, connect you to your intuition, calm overpowering feelings, and improve the quality of your sleep.

To help you connect to the healing and calming properties of lava stone, use cypress essential oil first thing in the morning before you head off to work, or right before you go to sleep.

  1. Jasmine

Jasmine essential oil can increase your sense of safety while also aiding in the eradication of irrational anger, doubt, and negativity. This bright, floral scent can help boost libido, connect you to your earthy sensuality, and promote a bright and cheerful disposition. The enlivening properties found in jasmine essential oil can raise your confidence before a fun night out, or help you tackle difficult challenges in your life.

  1. Frankincense

Frankincense provides a grounding, centering aroma that can help magnify the grounding properties of lava stone. Fruity, warm, and spicy in scent, it’s used as a supplement to meditation practices. It aids to slow and deepen the breath, connecting us to us to our inner creativity and Mother Earth.

Frankincense can also help calm the mind and lift clouds of negative thoughts and feelings, such as sadness or stress. It’s a powerful and aromatic ally of lava stone.

  1. Sandalwood

Sandalwood has long been associated with its connection to human romance, sexuality, zest for life, and self-esteem. With its rich, woody, sweet aroma, it’s not hard to understand why. To connect to the positive fire element attributes and light up the passion and enthusiasm in your life, wear sandalwood essential oil as you don your lava stone beads. 

  1. Rose

Rose essential oil is known for its ability to help open the heart chakra. Opening the heart chakra can help users work through old trauma, process stress, and possibly relieve some symptoms of depression or anxiety. To connect your heart to the negativity-cleansing and grounding properties of lava stone, pair it with rose essential oil.

  1. Patchouli

Patchouli, also known as the perfume of the hippy era, is connected to the earth element and is a powerhouse of spiritual benefits. It is a regenerative, detoxifying, grounding essential oil that is frequently associated with wealth, fertility, prosperity, and sexuality. With a deep, musky scent, it’s often used in meditation to promote a balance of passion and relaxation. It’s an excellent essential oil to pair with your lava beads: It connects to the lava stone’s earth origins and magnifies the wearer’s connection to Mother Earth.


Lava stone is a grounding, powerful, and spiritually potent stone, and a beautiful fashion accessory. The dark beads conjure up a sense of the fire and earth elements and make a chic, glamorous meditation tool. Pair with any of these six essential oils for a naturally luxurious scent and profound spiritual benefits.


By: William Gaskill

"You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment.

...there is no other life but this."

Henry David Thoreau