Inspired by timeless designs and style, the story of Timelapse Co. began in 2015. The initial designs focused on an intrinsic design quality that progressed to a formal appreciation of the mechanical ingenuity and complexity that watch movements exhibit. Blurring the lines between art, craft, and fashion, Timelapse Co. brings the same historical appreciation for artistic qualities and geometric precision that original watchmakers had into modern focus.


Timeless Accessories

Timelapse Co. pieces feature watch movements dating as far back as the early 1800's.
From where the movement was made to what was going on in the world at the time, each piece has a different story to tell.

Discover your movement. Wear a piece of time.

Timelapse Co movements

Made in Los Angeles

We're driven by the same artisan spirit that drove original watchmakers.
When we started we made it by hand - that is still the standard today. Our master artisans cut, solder, and shape raw precious metals to form each pendant bezel in our own Downtown LA workshop.

Jewelry is an art - metal is our canvas - time is our medium.

  timelapse co made in los angeles

Built to Last

Exemplary craftsmanship is one of the founding pillars that we take pride in.
We understand that jewelry and watches hold sentimental value. You can be confident that your Timelapse design will last. The secret to our beautiful jewelry is simple: use the highest quality tools and materials to achieve the highest quality look.

Top quality craftsmanship is our commitment.

timelapse co built to last