Ignite Your Inner Fashionista with Black Agate

Natural gemstones are a fantastic way to spruce up your wardrobe and at the same time, restore balance and harmony in the areas of your life where you need it most. Black agate is an excellent stone to have in your jewelry rotation because it complements everything from your boardroom power suit to your yoga pants while increasing your concentration and clarity.  

Natural gemstones have been worn as jewelry for centuries. Their healing powers have been used throughout the ages as standard remedies for a variety of ailments. Early witch doctors, shamans, wise women, and more, studied the properties of gemstones and regularly ‘prescribed’ them for influencing the energies of everyday life.

Where did black agate originate?

The name agate comes from a river in Sicily currently called the Dirillo. In ancient times the river was named ‘Achetes’ and was known for its remarkably clear waters. The stones found nearby were a form of translucent chalcedony.


Agate can come in several different colors depending on what types of minerals are embedded into the stone while it forms. This growth creates two kinds of banding in agate stones, horizontal or wall lining banding. The direction of the banding refers to how it lays along the growth lines of the agate.

Agate is a naturally porous stone. Black agate is a particularly lovely class of agate because it is uniform in color and complexion. It is a grounding stone that relates to the earth element, which is how it provides strength and improves self-confidence.

This grounding component is the basis for the way the gemstone works in all forms of healing; solidifying resolve, providing psychic protection and generally giving strength to overcome physical, emotional and mental toxicity.

What does black agate symbolize? 

A dark-colored stone from the quartz family, black agate symbolizes courage, consistency, and perseverance. Wear it to job interviews, auditions, or when you have a big presentation to pitch. The solid, deep black stone promotes calmness and inner strength.  

The meanings and perceived traits of various crystals have been observed and cataloged over the centuries. Black agate is associated with the Gemini astrological sign and is helpful for bone and joint issues. It eases joint pain, aids in mobility and is beneficial for bone marrow illnesses.

Like all black stones, black agate protects the wearer from negative energies. Small drops of black agate earrings can help you overcome negative thoughts. Worn as beads in a bracelet or necklace, you can add some understated style to your outfit while protecting yourself from stress and drawing good fortune toward you. 

The versatility of black agate

Fall fashion week just wrapped up in New York City, and almost every trend spotted on the runway is perfectly accented by artistically beautiful black agate.

  • Neon: Black will balance the brightness without detracting from the visual punch.
  • Lace and Florals: A dash of black agate will elevate the sweetness into dark romance territory.
  • Metallics: Play off the shine with matte black agate beads for contrast.
  • Military: Black agate is the perfect utilitarian complement.

Any way you look at it, black agate is a versatile stone that can blend with every look you want to wear.

Final word

Natural crystals are an affordable way to give any outfit a boost of chic glamour. You can find black agate in a variety of styles and settings, making it simple to find jewelry that complements your style. Black agate is a powerhouse of a healing gemstone and a great foundation stone to begin your collection of wearable exotic crystals.

By: William Gaskill

"You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment.

...there is no other life but this."

Henry David Thoreau