Wrap Your Watch by Timelapse Co.

You've been asking, and we've been listening...

If you do anything long enough, you begin to hear some of the same things again and again. While it's only been a few months since we've been on the road, it seems that every time we've set up a pop-up table or exhibited our current collections at a trade show, we've been hearing much of the same requests from you, our raving fans and customers.

One thing we've heard again and again is that while many love our pieces and designs, many also seem to have old family watches and heirlooms just sitting around gathering dust. Well, the time has finally come and those old pieces don't have to just sit around any longer.

At your request, we are proud to finally introduce: WRAP YOUR WATCH by Timelapse Co. 

With WRAP YOUR WATCH (WYW), your grandfather's old pocket watch from the War that's been sitting in a shoebox for 30 years can finally get a new lease on life. 

Offered as our premium service, we take any watch - be it an old pocket or wristwatch - and turn it into a piece of wearable art inspired by our timeless Timelapse Co. designs. Our team of World-Class jewelers and designers work directly with you to deliver you custom pieces according to your exact preferences and specifications. From the selection of the materials - choose from all .925 Sterling Silver components, upgrade the materials to Gold or Platinum, or mix and match with any combination thereof - to custom additions that incorporate Black Diamonds into the designs, anything is possible. 

"Timelapse Co.'s WRAP YOUR WATCH is awesome! Turned an old Rolex I had into a sick pendant, and now I get complemented on it all the time. It's an amazing conversation piece, thanks guys!"    -PBL 

To get started, simply fill out the contact form at https://timelapseco.com/pages/wrap-your-watch.

Alternatively you can just give us a call at 1(323) 685-7598 and one our team members will happily assist you.


WRAP YOUR WATCH services start at $150, including all materials and labor for .925 Sterling Silver pendant wraps. 

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...there is no other life but this."

Henry David Thoreau