Welcome to Timelapse Co.

Sometimes a single moment in time can change the paths of peoples’ lives. For the team here at Timelapse Co., our fateful moment was back in 2015 when one of my friends, feeling inspired by his mom's jewelry-making hobby, put an old pocket watch movement on a chain and showed me the first of many designs to come. But what I had any way of knowing at the time was how this one movement was just the beginning of something bigger.

He told me he found the old watch sitting in a bin filled with random art trinkets at his mom's place and thought it might look nice as a pendant. Although I can't be certain, if I were in his position at the time I think it might have been easy to overlook it as a mere broken old watch. Thankfully I wasn't! In that moment, we realized it was more than a broken watch headed for the landfill. 

The first Timelapse piece

This is the first ever Timelapse Co. necklace - a rusty, little pocket-watch movement on a brass ball chain. Although some of the gears had fallen off and there was just superglue to reattach them for the prototype, I thought it was awesome - mechanical and artistic! And certainly different than anything else we really saw people wearing at the time. We thought to ourselves that if we liked it this much, other people probably would too.

And so the journey of Timelapse Co. began.

Back then we built our pieces on our kitchen tables.  It was far cry from the precious metal work we do today, but it was our start. We made the jewelry for our friends and sold it at music festivals and local parties. Maybe you even remember seeing one of our booths.


Thanks to the love and support of you, our awesome customers, friends, and family, we slowly grew and continually improved our products. Soon we were seeing pictures of people across the world wearing Timelapse pieces.


Since then we’ve spent the past years learning from and working with numerous master jewelers with over a century of combined, traditional jewelry-making experience. We've experimented with hundreds of designs and variations, paying attention to even the smallest details in our work. Today, our work is elevated by our patent-pending designs that wrap each Timelapse Co. piece in a finely handcrafted precious metal bezel. Every day we work on bringing you new designs and continue to refine and improve our products. This is just the beginning. We started as just two guys with a shared passion for making cool stuff, but with the love and support of you, our customers, friends, and family, the Timelapse community has grown over the years. And we couldn't be more excited to have you be a part of it. 

-Mike Westerband, Founder/CEO

"You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment.

...there is no other life but this."

Henry David Thoreau