Plant a Tree Day - October 2019

What It Takes to Plant a Tree

Planting trees isn't exactly the easiest thing to do... in fact it's pretty hard work (especially if you're in an area that has hard and rocky soil). 

Firstly, you need to get all the right tools before you can begin the back breaking (hopefully not literally, though!) labor. To really give the tree the best chance for long-term success and survival, this includes gathering together a shovel or rake, ample water for the tree, wood chips or some type of nutrient source, maybe a few rocks to give it a rock-ring, and the seedling you're going to plant, of course! Oh, and this doesn't include being properly prepared yourself for the physical toll it takes on your body if you're working in the sun (a hat or sunscreen is a must).

This past weekend, our team at Timelapse Co. got together with our partners at One Tree Planted and the Ventura Land Trust for a fun-filled morning of tree planting! Check out the photos from the event, below! And if you're interested, don't be shy to contact us so you can get involved in the next Plant a Tree Day :)


Photos by: Lauren Dalmatoff

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