The History of Crystals and Halloween

Ancient civilizations believed in the powerful healing and protective qualities of crystals and incorporated them as talismans and adornments in their everyday lives.

Today, we use crystals in all aspects of our lives to reflect our changing moods, but they seem to take on a stronger significance at Halloween.  

Whether you want to connect with the spirit world, need additional security, or want to increase your creativity, the gemstones you wear and relate to can provide comfort, healing, guidance and protection. Let’s explore the world of crystals, magic, chakras, and Halloween.

different crystals in a bowl on a table

The energy of Halloween

Halloween or All Hallow’s Eve is, of course, celebrated on October 31st. However, it has its roots in Samhain, a traditional Gaelic holiday that welcomes in the dark time of the year. According to ancient Celtic tradition, Samhain marks a time when death is celebrated, the ancestors are honored, and the earth is put to rest for the winter.

The Celtic Wheel of the Year honors this vital part of the crone and death cycle of Mother Earth. As the Wheel of the Year is cyclical, winter’s death is not an end, but a time of transformation, rejuvenation, rest, and renewal. As such, Halloween or Samhain is an energetically potent time that can help us seek clarity, engage in productive rest, ponder creative projects, and get in touch with the wisdom of our ancestors. 

Chakras and Halloween

As Mother Earth moves into her rest phase, try focusing on your first, sixth, and seventh chakras. Chakras have been used for thousands of years for their spiritual benefits.

Your first chakra, or your root chakra, is called Muladhara in Sanskrit and associated with the color red. This chakra is located at the base of your tailbone, forms your connection to the earth, and governs your sense of groundedness, security, safety, and nurturance. Focusing on this chakra as the earth moves into her rest period can be very powerful.

Your sixth chakra, Ajna, is your third eye chakra. This chakra allows you to see into the spirit world, connect to your psychic intuition, and gain clarity in your life. It’s associated with the color indigo. As Halloween is a time when spiritual activity is heightened, your third eye is a wonderful focus.

Lastly, your seventh chakra, or Sahasrara, is pure consciousness energy. It’s your connection to divine consciousness and your higher self. It’s associated with the colors violet and white. Connect to this chakra at Halloween to feel in touch with the flow of consciousness and intuition.

The root chakra and Tiger’s Eye

If you’re looking for a crystal that helps to balance your first chakra, look for jewelry with Tiger’s Eye gemstones. The hints of red help to enliven your root chakra, enhancing creativity, and increasing the flow of the earth’s grounding energy. Used at Halloween, this crystal gemstone can provide incredible benefits. Historically, Roman soldiers used it as a protective stone in battle, as it was said to give them the groundedness, courage, and determination of a tiger.


Labradorite and the third eye

Labradorite, with an iridescent display of colors that evoke images of the northern lights, is an excellent choice for activating third eye awareness. Not only is it generally found in volcanic igneous rock deposits, but it’s renowned for awakening psychic intuition, enhancing divination and clairvoyance, and protecting against negativity. As Inuit folklore states that it was formed in the magical fires of the Northern Lights, it’s a  perfect gemstone for Halloween!


The crown chakra and jade

While jade is typically associated with the heart chakra, it can provide many benefits for those looking to open their crown chakra at Halloween. It promotes a sense of love and can offer protection from evil spirits and negative energies. For anyone looking to use their crown chakra to help connect with their higher self and the ancestors, this stone is an excellent, safeguarding choice at Halloween. The Chinese culture has regarded it as a protective stone since the stone age.



The combination of crystals, chakras, and Halloween can offer incredible benefits for the spiritually curious. Add some beautiful crystal jewelry from Timelapse Co. to your collection and enjoy the magic this Samhain.


By: William Gaskill

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