Why Labradorite is the Perfect Halloween Gemstone

Inuit folklore maintains that labradorite hails from the fires of the aurora borealis. This dark gray stone refracts red, blue, gold, and emerald green when it catches the light, conjuring up images of the legendary northern lights. Labradorite has a reputation for assisting transformation, divination, and yes, clairvoyance, making this ethereal mineral a flawless Halloween gemstone. Let’s dig into its geology, history, uses, and spiritual properties. 

Labradorite: the geology

Labradorite is a feldspar mineral. Feldspar minerals are abundant minerals that aid in the rock formation process. As such, labradorite isn’t technically a stone and is most often encountered in igneous rock deposited by volcanic magma.

In geology, the phantasmagoric display of yellow, gold, orange, blue, red, and green common to labradorite is known as the schiller effect. This arises from entwining striations along the mineral’s cleavage faces. Labradorite with the highest degree of schiller effect becomes selected for gemstone use.

 labradorite stone crystal 

The history of labradorite

Labradorite has long been used in indigenous artwork, as evidenced by its role in Inuit folklore. However, it was only first encountered by Europeans in 1770, when Moravian missionaries stumbled across the mineral on the Isle of Paul in Labrador, Canada. Since then, labradorite has been found in other locations, such as Australia, Finland, Mexico, Norway, Russia, the USA, and Madagascar.

Labradorite and the zodiac

Although it’s not associated with any particular zodiac sign, labradorite has a number of applications for zodiac use. Individuals born under the Cancer sign may find that the colors and volcanic earth-fire energy raise their vibrations and increase their creativity and groundedness.

It can also be a potent gemstone for Saggitarius, Scorpio, and Leo signs as they undertake powerful creative or magical endeavors. This is perfect for Halloween, the traditional pagan holiday when the veil between the natural and spiritual worlds is thin, and magic is more effective than usual.

Labradorite and chakras

With its shimmering beauty and its ability to conjure images of the northern lights, labradorite is associated with the sixth chakra, otherwise known as the third eye.

Opening your third eye is associated with clarity, intuition, wisdom, precognition, and spiritual knowledge. When labradorite shimmers with a dark blue or green, it promotes the perception of truth, while lighter colors summon balance and mental flexibility.

Activating your third eye with labradorite can raise your consciousness and allow you to access your higher self’s guidance. This, in turn, can awaken your seventh or crown chakra, which is your direct connection with your soul or higher self, as well as your link to universal divine consciousness.

As such, labradorite can be instrumental in times of personal transformation and change. Connection to your inner wisdom can, in turn, boost your self-confidence and self-worth. This can help you heal psychic wounds, work through past life trauma, protect yourself against negative spiritual energies, and break through addictive patterns.

Labradorite, clairvoyance, and divination

Labradorite is, above all else, a stone of spiritual growth. As Halloween thins the veil between the natural and spiritual worlds, labradorite can help you access spiritual wisdom.

 Using labradorite beads around Halloween is a fantastic way to boost the accuracy of your past life recall, improve psychic readings, get in touch with your ancestors, and awaken your psychic intuition. As such, it makes a fantastic Halloween gift for anyone who’s starting on a new creative venture or business project.

A labradorite bead bracelet: a magical gift

If you’re searching for a Halloween gift for yourself or a loved one, look no further. A labradorite bead bracelet is a stylish and spiritual accessory. Labradorite beads can help you make the most of this magical time of year and help you get in touch with your inner wisdom, your ancestors, and your higher self.



Labradorite is a powerful gemstone that can aid in connecting you to the wisdom of earth and fire: It can help you open your third eye, empower your use of the zodiac, and awaken your psychic intuition. If you’re searching for a spiritually in-tune Halloween gift for yourself or someone else, take a look at the Timelapse Co.’s extensive exotic bead and crystal collection.


By: William Gaskill

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